What is Korean Eating Show Mukbang?

When it comes to Korean culture, the first thing that most people think of is kpop. But there are so many other great aspects of Korean culture that have been making waves in recent years. One example is mukbang shows- which are shows where hosts eat large quantities of food and broadcast themselves eating for an audience on their screen. It sounds like a strange concept at first, but these shows have become wildly popular in Korea as a way for viewers to vicariously experience eating delicious foods without having to do any work!

Mukbang shows are a relatively new trend in Korea, but they have been gaining worldwide popularity. The popularity of this type of eating show has grown so much that there are now a number of shows airing all over the world.

The style of these eating shows is quite simple- the host or hosts sit at a table and eat various types of food, chatting with their viewers as they go. They usually invite guests onto the show to share their favorite foods from around Korea or abroad. Mukbang shows can range from those that simply show people cooking or preparing food to those with hosts doing more than just eating, such as playing games like charades while also chatting about the dish being eaten. There are also many mukbang stars who have gained fame in Korea and overseas for their eating prowess.

Mukbang shows are an interesting phenomenon that the world is taking notice of. With Korean culture gaining more popularity overseas than ever before, these eating shows could be a great way for people to learn about Korean life and culture.

There’s no time like the present to start watching mukbang shows! You’ll find the videos on YouTube or you can find them live streaming on Afreeca TV.

So you can see that Korean eating shows are an interesting and new way to experience the food culture of Korea without actually being there, and they may just be the next big thing to hit your screen!

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