What is Blind Dating Culture in Korea?

Koreans have a culture of blind dating. When two people meet for the first time, they are set up on a date with someone else that is their age and personal preference.

This person may or may not be aware of who they’re going to be meeting beforehand. The goal of this type of dating experience is to find out if there’s any romantic chemistry between the two people before deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship with each other in the future!

The blind date is typically organized by one of the couple’s friends or relatives, as it requires someone else to arrange and set up all the details. More often than not, they are set up with people in their age group. The person can be matched based on personal preference, occupation or personality type.

A significant number of Koreans who had been married said that they met each other through this dating practice! As such, there is an increased emphasis placed on creating opportunities for singles to meet new potential romantic partners.

Depending on what type of personality you’re looking for, either meet through friends, work colleagues or people in your neighborhood (particularly those who live nearby).

The first step that must be taken is finding a person who will introduce the blind date to each other. The host or matchmaker plays an important role, as they have been given all of the necessary information on both parties (name, occupation, hobbies). As such, they are able to make introductions according to personality type – introverts may want somebody talkative while extroverts might want someone more reserved.

There’s no set way of approaching this topic so it differs from person to person. For example: some people prefer not knowing anything about their date beforehand, while others prefer knowing as much information ahead of time. Typically the person who is organizing the blind date will introduce them to one another on the day of or shortly before.

In conclusion, the traditional Korean culture of blind dating is a practice that’s still widely used today to find new relationships. It can take many different forms, depending on personal preferences and what each person hopes for in their love life!

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