The Perfect Blend: Beer and Soju (a.k.a. Somaek)

What is your favorite type of alcohol? Beer, wine, vodka? If you are looking for something new and different to try then we have the perfect drink for you. Soju and beer make a delicious combination, and It’s easy to make!

This post will discuss how to enjoy this concoction as well as some of our favorite recipes! Let’s get started!

For this drink, you need only two ingredients: Korean soju and iced cold beer.

If you don’t want the alcohol content of your beverage as high then choose a lower-proof Korean soju. And, pour some soju in your glass then fill it up with the beer straight from the bottle or can. Be careful not to pour too much because you’ll end up with an overwhelming taste that will likely upset your stomach if you consume too much in one sitting.

The ratio for making this drink is one part soju to three parts beer (or just fill your glass up to the top). But, play around with different blends of beer and soju until you find what’s perfect for your taste buds! We recommend starting at 30% soju to 70% beer (or about two parts) as a starter.

If you’re looking for a real experience, choose an unfiltered soju like Jinro or Chamisul.

Try adding other ingredients like fruit juice, soda water, or even club soda for a different flavor and texture! We love lemon seltzer with grapefruit soju because it brings out the flavor of the soju and adds a refreshing fizziness to it.

Don’t forget- the best Somaek is made with love! Enjoy this drink responsibly, and if you’re going to be mixing more than one type or just want some variety then please make sure that you cut back on your drinking time for the day.

There are many different types of alcohol and the perfect drink will vary from person to person! But, if you’re looking for something new to try, then give this Korean Somaek a try. With the perfect ratio of ingredients, you’ll also be able to find your favorite flavor!

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