The Beauty of Korean Traditional Gift Wrap Bojagi

Bojagi is a centuries-old Korean gift wrap. It’s a handcrafted wrapping cloth made of colorful fabric stitched together with thread or yarn.

Bojagi has been used for a variety of purposes. When Korea was still extremely poor, Bojagi was also employed as a backpack in Korea. At that time, students wrapped books and lunch boxes together in Bojagi and tied them to their backs.

It’s also used to wrap presents. Because it is reusable, it has become increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly packaging approach rather than single-use paper packaging.

The most attractive point is that there are many different ways to tie a knot. Also, depending on the color and texture of the fabric, there are infinite ways to create it. Korea Bojagi Art Association, an association that promotes this beauty, is actively conducting research.

Readers who are curious about how to tie a Bojagi and knots, please refer to the video below.

What is BOJAGI? and How to wrap it?

Source: Youtube KCCLA

A gift wrapped in Bojagi makes a present look better with the beautiful color of the cloth and a knot, as well as the tactile pleasure experienced while untying it with one’s fingertips. Finally, as if appreciating it, it provides the thrill of discovering the present concealed in the cloth. The amount of time needed to unwrap a present is directly related to the time it took to prepare the gift, as well as the giver’s heart. Bojagis in different colors and knots can be transformed into a unique present.

What about enjoying the thrill of giving a present by wrapping Bojagi?

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