Netflix’s latest K-Series ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Reviews | Should Skip or Stream?

Let me introduce you to <All of Us Are Dead> 🧟‍♀️🏫🧟

<All of Us Are Dead> is a Netflix original Korean drama that was released on January 28, 2022. It is based on a webtoon by Joo Dong Geun.

It’s the tale of a high school where a zombie virus has broken out, and those who try to save them are put through an extreme scenario with no warning.

It has been given a top spot in the Netflix TV show category all around the world this year so far.

According to Netflix, the film <All of Us Are Dead> has 124.79 million hours of viewing time as of the 30th of last month. The watch record for the work is three times higher than the work that is in second place in the same category.

Although it is not as much as <Squid Game>, it is evident that it has been delivered with the most overwhelming first-weekend box office performance among all Netflix movies released this year.


✍️ <All of Us Are Dead> Reviews

It’s clear that this series was a hit with audiences. How about as a drama? We can give three out of five stars for the following reasons.

👍 Zombie virus outbreak in School


As seen in the Korean title, which is <Now our school is>, the tale begins at school. The main characters are all high school students, and while showcasing the unstable emotional arcs typical of teenagers, they do not wait for adults to lend a hand but rather discover their own path and forge ahead on their own. This is in stark contrast to the well-known zombie movies, such as <The Walking Dead> and <28 Weeks Later>.


Furthermore, whereas the area was primarily restricted to the school, various facilities such as the lunchroom, classroom, library, science room, music room, principal’s office, playground, broadcasting chamber, auditorium were utilized and managed correctly. The large-scale fight sequences are not tedious, but lively and tense owing to the site’s features, things, and terrain. In particular, the scene of infection in the cafeteria and the fight scene between ‘Cheongsan’ and ‘Gwinam’ in the library are impressive.

👍 New actors as Main characters


Lee Jae-gyu, the director, stated that he cast mostly young actors and novice roles. Park Ji-hoo, who plays Nam On-jo, was born in 2003; Yoon Chan-young who portrays Lee Cheong-san was born in 2001; and Jo Yi-hyun who plays Choi Nam-ra, and Romon who plays Lee soo-hyuk. And Yoo In-soo who plays Yoon Gwi-nam, was born in 1998. This caused the audience to sympathize with the idea that a normal person can become a zombie, making it difficult to anticipate the next scene.


Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-mi, who was well regarded for her role in the play <Squid Game>, appeared as Na-yeon in the drama. She plays the opposite character of Ji-young in <Squid Game>, taking on the part of the sub villain in <All of Us Are Dead>. She makes innocent people die throughout the play and makes it difficult for everyone by being self-centered from start to end in order to live only for herself.

👎 Conventional plots and Typical cliches


All of Us Are Dead criticizes school violence, a rotten society, and social structure. Conventional characters and episodes are mentioned to illustrate this which makes the work old-fashioned.

Among them, characters such as ‘Lee Byung-chan’, a science teacher who mentions human nature, ‘Mi-jin’, who kills zombies with an arrow, ‘Gwi-nam’, a psychopathic killer, and ‘Na-yeon’, a selfish person, are always favorite ones in zombie drama. Settings such as immunity, drone use, and the utilization of sound and light are all typical clichés. In other words, it repeats things that have previously been shown in other zombie movies and TV shows, providing a somewhat boring feel.

👎 Poor story consistency and superficial thoughts


Inconsistencies in zombie settings. The zombies slain by ‘Mijin’ are alive despite having pierced the back of their head via her mouth, but the zombies Gwi-nam stabbed with a knife soon fell down. The virus’s creator, a science teacher, claims that “The host cannot be destroyed unless it is completely burned,” but this isn’t always the case. The approach of killing zombies is ambiguous, and I believe the narrative setting was insufficient considering that the genre is “zombie.”


There are several parts in the drama that satirize a social issue, but they’re only utilized as dramatic elements without much thought. Teen romantic elements, on the other hand, frequently intrude and distract from the narrative. It would have been better to cut out these components and make it into an eight- or ten-episode series rather than be trapped in such a long run time.

✍️ Conclusion

It’s exciting to note that, despite its negative reviews, All of Us Are Dead still managed to break the box office. It demonstrates that Korean material has a lot more potential. If you like zombie and action films, now is the time to watch them on Netflix!


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