Korean skin care products are becoming more and more popular with people around the world. Korean beauty has been taking over social media for years, but now k-beauty is spreading in popularity in mainstream markets.

The k-beauty industry has also grown to be worth $6 billion dollars a year because of its innovative and affordable products. The Korean culture values thin, fair skin that is clear and bright and they have found ways to create this look through skincare by using chemical peels, intense moisturizing routines, lightening creams, etc.

In this blog post, we will go through tips to get your skin glow and brightened and the different types of Korean skin care products you can use to get radiant, brightened skin!

Tips to Get Radiant and Brightened Skin

  • Add fermented products to your diet

Fermented foods (such as kimchi) help increase healthy gut bacteria which has been shown to improve overall health and wellness including hydrated cells and reduced acne breakouts. Try adding some into your next meal for a quick daily boost!

  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days

This may seem like common sense, but many people believe that if it is overcast outside they do not need to protect their skin. However, the suns rays can still cause damage through clouds so make sure you are applying sunscreen everyday!

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Korean skincare is usually formulated with certain ingredients in mind, but you can easily get all of the benefits from K-Beauty by mixing and matching different products. For example, use a vitamin C serum at night followed up by an oil or cream for maximum hydration!

  • Use an essence or serum after washing your face

After cleansing, many people skip the next step in their skincare routine because they think it is unnecessary. However, using a serum helps to penetrate deep into the skin layers so that you get all of its benefits including hydration and nutrients which can help reduce wrinkles!

  • Make sure you’re using the right products for your skin type

This might seem like another common sense tip, but many people do not think to look at their ingredient labels before buying a product which can lead to unknowingly purchasing an allergic or irritant. Always make sure that what you are putting on your face is safe and won’t cause any damage!

There are a few Korean skincare products that can assist you in improving your skin’s tone and brightness. These 7 best Korean skincare products for brightening your skin will make it easier and less expensive than going to a dermatologist or spa! With these easy-to-use and affordable products, you’ll be sure to find something that works great with your budget. Check out these 7 best Korean skincare products that will help you achieve a brighter complexion! 😊