Korean traditional market: Explore Korea’s heritage, culture and culinary treasures

The Korean traditional market is a place where you can not only explore Korea’s heritage, culture and culinary treasures but also experience the vibrant hues of Seoul. The markets are bustling with people who come to buy fresh produce, seafood and other kitchen essentials for their daily meals. You will find everything from sunflower seeds to live octopus at these markets! 

I am going to be taking about my personal experiences at the markets and what makes them so great. The markets are full of different sights, smells and sounds that make it a very enjoyable experience. If you want to know more about these amazing places, keep reading!

The majority of the markets are open from early morning to late evening. This means you could visit one at any time! I would recommend visiting during the day because there is much more light and it is easier to take pictures. 

  • Namdaemun Market

One market that visitors cannot miss out on is Namdaemun Market, which was first established in 1414. The market has over 12,000 stores with different goods so you will not be disappointed by this place! It’s also right next to a subway station if you don’t want to walk far after purchasing your items!

Namdaemun Market may seem like an overwhelming experience but once you get started, it becomes quite easy as many people use their phones while shopping instead of paper lists.

  • Dongdaemun Market

The Dongdaemun Market specializes in clothing which makes sense because Korea is known for its fashion world If you’re looking to buy a new outfit for a special occasion, I recommend visiting this market. You can find all sorts of stores here from high end to bargain ones!

  • Gwangjang Market

There are many other markets that have their own unique charm! Gwangjang market is a true melting pot of culture as it has both permanent stores and street stalls. The street stalls sell traditional Korean delicacies, so if you want to try different foods, this may be the place for you!

The Gwangjang Market is best known for its amazing food stalls that sell traditional Korean dishes such as tteokbokki and bindaetteok as well as popular street foods like hotteok 호떡 which are filled pancakes . These little snacks only cost around ₩3000 (KRW) so you can try many different varieties at once. This place also has some great restaurants so if you’re feeling hungry after sampling the food, go ahead and order a full meal! The prices will stay reasonable even when ordering an entree or main dish because they still remain affordable.

I hope that after reading this post you’ll be inspired to explore these amazing markets for yourself! They are full of history and delicious food so what’s stopping you from going? I would recommend scheduling your visit during the day time as it is much easier to navigate through everything but if there is a specific market you want to go, feel free to do so at any point in the day! 

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