Korean Chimaek: Korean-style Fried Chicken and Beer

It’s no secret that Koreans love their fried chicken. The dish is a staple in Korea, and it has become popular all around the world as well. But Korean-style fried chicken isn’t just any ordinary recipe. It’s got a special sauce that makes it so much more delicious than your average piece of poultry! In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything about Korean chimaek – what it is and why you should have some for yourself too!

The word “chimaek” is derived from the Korean words for beer and fried chicken. In Korea, chimaek culture has been growing in popularity over the last decade or so. It’s also become a bit of a national pastime! Chimaeks are very easy to find all across Seoul, where they have taken on many forms.

There are many different places in Seoul where you can get chimaek food, including Korean restaurants and fast-food chains! The great thing about chimaek culture is that you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime! It’s also very affordable because a plate of food will cost between 15,000 KRW (around $13). This makes it a great option for nights out with friends or as an on-the-go snack.

So if you’re looking for a new experience while exploring Seoul, be sure to try out this Korean delicacy! You won’t regret it- especially because of how filling it is.

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