All about Female Cast in Netflix Korean Drama “Squid Game”

Netflix’s original drama <Squid Game> has a huge cast of talented actresses. In this blog post, we will introduce the female actors that play key roles in the show.


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Squid Game Player 67 Saebyeok (Hoyeon Jung)

Saebyeok Kang, played by Hoyeon Jung, is a vicious pickpocket who must raise money for the sake of her family after fleeing North Korea. She was characterized as a suspicious one in the play, but she assisted others on several occasions. You should also consider that she put her life on the line to save her family, indicating that she has a naturally altruistic mentality.

So, what about the actor Hoyeon Jeong who played this character?

Actually, she is a model by her main occupation.

In 2010, at the age of 17, she entered the Model Academy and started modeling. In 2011, She appeared in Supermodel Korea Season 2 but did not receive much attention. After working as a freelancer for about 2 years, she felt the need for an agency and signed with ESteem through an audition in November 2012.

In, 2013 Challenge again! She participated in Supermodel Korea Season 4 and made her face known. After that, she continued his domestic activities, and at Seoul Fashion Week, she appeared in designer shows such as Pushbutton, miss G collection, Steve J & Yoni P, Lucky Chouette, etc.

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She started overseas activities in earnest in the 2017 S / S season. After dying her hair to red, it became her trademark, and she made a presence in the early days of her career. She signed a contract with Louis Vuitton for the 2017 S/S season City Exclusive (City exclusive), the 2017 F/W season World-Wide Exclusive (World-Wide Exclusive) contract, and appeared in the F/W 2017 advertising campaign. He also appeared in Chanel’s F/W 2018 commercial, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

In September 2017, she was ranked on the Hot List of, an international fashion model information site, and in September 2018, she was ranked in the Top 50 Women’s Models World Rankings.

In October 2021, she was selected as Louis Vuitton’s global house ambassador thanks to the popularity of the squid game.

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She is acquainted with Jennie from BLACKPINK. Jennie even visited the set of Squid Games and supported a catering service for her.

After the squid game was released, it became a hot topic, and the number of Instagram followers, which was 400,000 before the airing of the squid game, rapidly surged, exceeding 21 million on the afternoon of October 17th.

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She’s been seeing Lee Dong-hwi for six years.

She stated in an interview that he was ecstatic with her after a major hit of Squid Game. He’s not only her closest friend but also a good senior who does the same thing as her. They are known for their fashion savvy since they share an interest in fashion.

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Squid Game Player 240 Jiyeong (Yoomi Lee)

Jiyeong, played by Yoomi Lee, was the only character in Squid Game who represented a sacrifice. Despite the fact that she had a small proportion in drama, her smiling face as she gave up her life on behalf of Saebyeok made an impression on viewers.

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In episode 6, “Kkanbu,” there are three major themes: friendship (Ki Hoon-il Nam), betrayal (Sang Woo-Ali), and sacrifice (Saebyeok-Ji Yeong). Jiyeong played an important role in the theme of sacrifice.

She is also a one-of-a-kind personality. Jiyeong, unlike the other characters, has a pessimistic point of view about life with no room for regrets. She made an outstanding impact as a distinct figure in numerous ways. Apart from that, she lived to the second game before resurfacing and appears to have enjoyed playing.

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Lee Yoo-mi, who plays Ji-Yeong in Squid Game, is a 12th-year actress.

She has appearances that are similar to several celebrities; Sulli, Jeon So-min, Bang Min-ah, Zhou Dongyu, and Chun Woo-hee.

She enjoys scuba diving, Tai Chi, and writing, and her specialty is longboarding. The worldwide smash of the squid game prompted a large boost in followers for her. The number of Instagram subscribers has rocketed upward since then, with over 6 million people following her as of October 12, 2021.

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She has played a lot of gloomy or somber characters that are at odds with her cute and beautiful appearance and childlike persona. Regardless of box office success, her acting abilities are praised as excellent.


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Squid Game Player 212 Mi-Nyeo (Joo Ryoung Kim)

Mi-Nyeo Han, played by Joo Ryoung Kim, is the worst villain in Squid Game along with Deok-soo.

She is an example of human nature’s selfishness. Her unpleasant personality, a change in attitude toward profit, and desire to surrender her pride in order to achieve her objectives are the characters that represent greed among humans.

Even though she regularly tries to extend her life by clinging to the powerful man, when Deok-soo betrays her, she immediately turns to Ki-hoon and takes what she wants.

Participants disliked her because she not only yelled loudly whenever she appeared but also lived with gossip and self-excuses. She was not chosen in the marbles game, but she was fortunate enough to be exempt from the game because she was regarded as “Kakdugi*” during the game.

*Kkakdugi is one variety of Kimchi, although it’s also a slang term that refers to joining in on the fun as a bonus without actually belonging to any game or gathering. When preparing radish, the tip is chopped into an uneven form rather than a square shape, therefore it is thought that kkakdugi was created.

She is characterized as a criminal with a prior conviction for five felonies in episode 6. She stated in Episode 2 that she has a kid and asks to be taken out of the game room, which is most likely untrue.

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The reaction to the character is negative, as she is a character with exaggerated movements, unpleasant and dough-faced behavior, and eventually meets her demise. She was able to offset her prior misdeeds in the stepping stone game because she killed herself by risking her chance and life for one goal: to seek vengeance on Deoksoo.

Mi-nyeo was one of the most memorable characters thanks to actress Joo-ryeong Kim, who brought energetic acting and an amusing character. She is well-liked for her genuine performance and can turn a serious moment in which people risk their lives into a hilarious scene.

Since her appearance in Squid Games, she has increased her Instagram followers from about 400 to over 2 million.

source: @vogue korea

The female actors of <Squid Game> are truly incredible. They portray their characters with charm and depth, making them feel like real people that we can connect to, rather than just cold roles on the screen. We think they deserve recognition for all their hard work! Netflix has proven to be a great platform for showcasing these talented actresses. If you haven’t already watched this show yet, give it a try–you won’t regret it!

What do you think so far? Have any favorite actors or actresses come up on our list? Let us know your thoughts below!

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