8 Best Korean Street Fashion Brands You Should Know

Korean street fashion is quickly rising in popularity across the world, and for good reason. Korean designers are known to be innovative with their designs, while also keeping up with global trends. If you’re looking for a fresh and trendy new look, then these 8 brands are sure to satisfy your needs!

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One of the top streetwear apparel brands in Korea is COVERNAT. COVERNAT is a compound word of COVER- (handle) NAT-Needle And Thread- (needle and thread), needle and thread, which are the basic elements of clothing. It has the meaning of dealing with clothes that are faithful to the basics, starting with the basics of needle and thread.

In 2008, it launched FW padding, cut and so, pants, bags, and goods as total wear, reinterpreting vintage wear from a modern point of view, as well as a pixie bike that represents urban street culture worldwide, such as New York and Tokyo at the time. It has established itself as a leading American casual brand in Korea focusing on padding, cut-and-so, and bags.


ADER is the top Korean street fashion brand. The streetwear brand was founded in 2014 and specialized on vivid colors and big clothing. In addition, they provide a range of items including bags and beanies. Nonetheless, they only release two new collections each year. Furthermore, all of these collections are made in Korea. The typical price is around 400,000 won. However, ADER offers a limited launch, making them a collector’s item among streetwear fans. They have a unisex line of clothing, but the majority of their consumers are men.

  • Charm’s

CHARMS is a brand of designer Kang Yohan, which means “attractive things”. Inspired by various cultures such as movies and music, the emotion of “love” contained in it is expressed with Charms’ unique color. Charm’s is recognized for its edgy sayings written in Chinese and English characters. The brand these days is emphasizing more on comfort with its enormous pants and jackets.

  • Thisisneverthat

Thisisneverthat was first launched in 2010 by Korean designers In-wook Park, Jonathan, and Choi Jong-gyu, and is a proud Korean brand. Directly translating the brand name, Thisisneverthat, can be interpreted as ‘this is absolutely not it’. In an interview, designer Choi Jong-gyu said, “The result may be different from what I initially thought. That is, I sketched and made the product according to the image that came to mind, and even if it is different from what I initially thought, it is not wrong and it can be a better work.” has been revealed. And in the 2015 S/S season, the brand became known to many people in earnest. The items released as a collection with the theme of ‘Lake on fire’ received a good response from fashionistas in their 10s and 20s, as well as celebrities, gaining immense recognition and popularity. In particular, the hoodies worn by ‘Giriboy’, a hip-hop producer and rapper, and ‘C-Jam’, a rapper, were sold at high prices by resellers. In addition, after winning the Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (sfdf) in 2017 and holding a fashion show at ‘Seoul Fashion Week’, Thisisneverthat went on an upward curve and soared in popularity.

  • Stylenanda

Stylenanda is a well-known brand for fashion and beauty items that was established 15 years ago. The Korean fashion line offers contemporary women’s clothing with fresh arrivals every day. Young ladies who like fashion and cutting-edge apparel are the target demographic. There are numerous Style Nanda shops in Korea, but the “pink hotel” on Myeongdong is their most popular location. Furthermore, 3CE is one of the most prominent makeup brands for lipstick and eye makeup formulations.

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  • Chuu

Chuu is a lovely Korean fashion brand that has collaborated with well-known character brands such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, and Disney. The company promotes a fun and active lifestyle. Chuu strives to assist all women in expressing their individuality while still being able to love themselves. Only woman’s apparel is covered by the brand. You will undoubtedly love this label if you enjoy the adorable and comfortable style! There are many different options for clothes, hats, and shoes, as well as lingerie.

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  • Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo was established by a young designer named Hyein Seo in 2014. She obtained her degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and then took part in the VFiles Made Fashion show during New York Fashion Week. She received an award from the British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase for Emerging Talent for being the Best Designer soon after.

Monochronic colorways continue to transcend time with her streetwear label. Many of her designs feature anti-education phrases such as “Bad Education” and “School Kills.” Furthermore, the majority of her collection is limited to two hues (white/black).

Furthermore, international star Rihanna added to the K-Pop brand’s appeal by wearing it, bringing even more interest.

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  • Nerdy

Koreans enjoy sporty street fashion labels. Kpop celebrities such as Daniel Kang, IU, and Zico wear them. As a result, NERDY, an up-and-coming Korean sporty street fashion brand located near Hongdae University, is the top sporty street fashion label in Korea. It’s a trendy Korean streetwear brand that places a strong emphasis on individuality and color expression. Furthermore, the business name is clearly printed on the apparel, making it difficult to miss.

These are some of the best Korean street fashion brands that you should know. With their unique and stylish designs, these brands are sure to appeal to anyone who loves fashion! Be sure to check them out and see which one is your favorite!

There are a lot of fashion brands in Korea, thus we could not possibly include them all in one post. However, we hope that this blog has helped you to understand what sort of Korean fashion brands there are and what is trendy.

Please do not hesitate to let us know! which one appears to be your favorite 😎

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