10 Korean Female Celebrities That Define K-Style

Korean celebrities have a big influence on k-style. They are the faces of fashion magazines, they appear in commercials and advertisements, and they inspire people to dress like them. But who is at the forefront of Korean style? Here are 10 Korean celebrities that define K-style!

1) Song Hye Kyo 

  • Name: Song Hye Kyo | 송혜교
  • Born: November 22, 1981
  • Years active: 1996–present
  • Spouse(s): Song Joong-ki ​(m. 2017; div. 2019)
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

Song Hye Kyo with Short Hair💇‍♀️

She enjoys wearing mini skirts and high heels, creating a cute and lovely style💕

2) Jun Ji Hyun

  • Name: Jun Ji Hyun | 전지현
  • Born: October 3, 1981
  • Years active: 1997–present
  • Spouse(s): Choi Jun Hyeok ​(m. 2012)
  • official site:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

Jun Ji Hyun’s Hair Style💇‍♀️

She is famous for her tall height and slim body, and she enjoys wearing cool styles✨

3) IU


  • Name: IU | 아이유 (이지은)
  • Born: May 16, 1993
  • Years active: 2008–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

IU’s Hair Style💇‍♀️

IU, an artist who leads the trend, enjoys wearing comfortable and hipster styles✨

4) Park Min Young

  • Name: Park Min Young | 박민영
  • Born: March 4, 1986
  • Years active: 2005–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

Her three-dimensional face goes well with her ponytail hairstyle💇‍♀️

If you want a feminine style, follow her style💕

5) Lee Sung Kyoung

  • Name: Lee Sung Kyoung | 이성경
  • Born: August 10, 1990
  • Years active: 2008–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

As you can guess from her modeling career, she has a great sense of fashion. If you want a model-like style, refer to her style💕

6) Kim Goeun

  • Name: Kim Goeun | 김고은
  • Born: July 2, 1991
  • Years active: 2012–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

She likes to wear comfortable yet edgy looks. She creates a simple yet lovely look by adding a stylish jacket or blouse to jeans💕

7) Yoona

  • Name: 임윤아 | Lim Yoona
  • Born: May 30, 1990
  • Years active: 2007–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

Yoona, famous for her slender body, likes to wear a style that shows off her long legs💕

8) Jeong Hoyeon

  • Name: Jeong Hoyeon | 정호연
  • Born: June 23, 1994
  • Years active: 2010–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

She wears stylish leather boots and a mini skirt to create a more model-like style✨

9) Han Ye Seul

  • Name: Han Ye Seul | 한예슬
  • Born: September 18, 1981
  • Years active: 2001–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

As a former supermodel, she enjoys wearing clothes that match high heels👠

10) Han Sohee

  • Name: Han Sohee | 한소희
  • Born: November 18, 1994
  • Years active: 2016–present
  • Instagram:

Korean Style Hair & Clothes

She created a lovely style by matching a feminine top with casual jeans💕

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